Task Force Goals

The Task Force on Race and Racism in Anthropology has a number of goals that we will implement on an ongoing basis:

  • Work to develop a survey instrument to measure and analyze the current status of racialized anthropologists in the profession with sections, committees and others groups.
  • Work with the AAA staff to develop and maintain a website that will serve as a central place for information about and links to AAA publications, committees, task forces, pertinent sections, internships, mentoring, grant programs that have to do with race and racism in anthropology. We envision this to become a permanent and ongoing project.
  • Suggest specific policies and practices to implement the recruitment of students of color through new or existing pipeline programs, summer programs, or internships.
  • Work with sections to increase recruitment in subfields such as biological anthropology and archeology where racialized groups are severely underrepresented.
  • Serve as a source of information for students, faculty, and interested parties to learn about initiatives directed at students and faculty who are racialized minorities in anthropology.


The task force is made up of a diverse group of anthropologists who represent the various subfields. We attempt to address issues of race, racism, and diversity in the discipline from the perspective of faculty, practitioner, and students.