The Survey


The Task Force on Race and Racism Survey provides a clearer qualitative and quantitative picture of the discipline in regard to race and racism. The survey’s focus on historically racialized minorities in the US is an analytical decision rather than a value judgment in regard to whom and what groups should be discussed in the discipline. We acknowledge that racism impacts many groups that are identified as non-white racial minorities or people of color. We feel, however, that a direct focus on historically racialized minorities in the US provides: 1) a clear view of the experiences and position of the most structurally, systematically and institutionally marginalized groups and 2) more distinct points of intervention.

Why take the survey?

Your participation will help to provide a better understanding of what the discipline looks like from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Your participation also offers the opportunity to contribute your voice and insights to the broader dialogue.

What does the survey measure?

The survey documents both the numbers of anthropologists who are racialized minorities especially in respect to where they are employed and at what levels. We are also interested in learning more about the professional experiences of racialized minorities in the discipline. To address these two points we asked anthropologists without regard to race or ethnicity to complete the survey. Our approach stems from the premise that documenting the results of all anthropologists will allow us to establish both a baseline and benchmark from which to better evaluate and understand the impact of race and racism in the discipline.

How will the survey results be used?

The results will help frame future conversations in the discipline in reference to race and racism. We hope that the results contribute to more informed dialogue about the ways in which race and racism are implicated in our work and the discipline more generally. Ideally, the survey will spark action at the personal and policy level that addresses disparities in the discipline.

When will the survey results be available?

The survey results will be made public through our website and other public outlets in the spring of 2014.